I was born an Angel

Yes, really. It’s on my birth certificate. When your name is Angel, you are pretty much destined to wrestle with the big questions, especially ones of identity. Even as a small child, people would ask me, “are you really an angel?” How was I supposed to know?!? What did that even mean?!?

But now, go ahead and ask away. And I will tell you, I’m just as much an angel as the next person. We are all messengers of the divine. Telling our truths and looking for the light… So I’ve decided to lean into my name.

To help me think through some of the big questions, I write about the small things- daily experiences and specific people (young and old) and the lessons I’ve learned from them. With some reoccurring themes…

Culture & Identity

I grew up in Ohio. As an adult, I have lived and worked in Nagasaki, Japan; Virginia, California, and Alabama, USA; and now I call Manchester, England home. I moved here in 2017 with my two kids and our dog. We moved here after I reunited with an Englishman I worked with at a summer camp in 1992. We got married 25 years after we first met in the same Hocking Hills of Ohio where the camp was located. Being an expat is a special kind of study in culture and identity. One I am still learning from everyday.

Mindful Play

I have been a teacher of some sort for more than 25 years. 10 of those years were at The Little Gym of Huntsville, a franchise I owned and operated in Alabama. Many of my early posts are set in The Little Gym- lessons in Serious Fun. I now run Tots Play Sale in Greater Manchester. If you live in South Manchester, and you have a baby or toddler, you are most warmly welcome to come try my class. I promise you joyful community. If you don’t live in Manchester, or are without a baby, then you are most warmly welcome to read the lessons I’ve learned from my time with babies and toddlers. It’s hard to be cynical when surrounded by the optimism of childhood. And bubble time is like a master class in mindfulness.


I am a parent to two incredible teenagers. And stepmother to another one. I’m not always a perfect parent, but I am always striving to be a better one. And through the years, I have worked with thousands of parents all trying their best too. And many of them worrying if they were doing it “right” or feeling guilty for falling short. If I have a calling, it is to reassure new parents that they are doing just fine and to be a resource for them as they start on their most important job.

Joy & Connection

I’m not sure if my name was foreshadowing, destiny or a self-fulfilling prophecy, but I have always been interested in theology and religious questions of purpose and meaning. I have looked for answers from the inside and outside of organized religions. On my spiritual journey, I have been a Methodist, a Baha’i, and a Unitarian Universalist. And most recently I have been attending Quaker Meetings in Manchester. What I hold to be most true is that we are all connected. And in that connection we find joy. I believe in gratitude. I believe in reverence. I believe in service. I believe in community.