Under the Rainbow Parachute

I spend my mornings hanging out under rainbow parachutes and surrounded by babies and bubbles. It's hard to feel cynical in this setting. When the world starts getting a little dark, I bask in the light of childhood optimism. I dwell in their joy and possibility. And I am recharged. 

So here is my holiday wish list for you dear friends:      

May you feel the happiness found under a rainbow parachute, 
and experience the wonder of bubble time.
May your soul soar with abandonment.
May you know the confidence of reaching the top alone
and the support of a loved one when you need it most.  
I wish you the optimism found in a baby's smile
and the comfort and delight in being found yourself.  Either in a game of hide-n-seek or by being seen in the real world as you actually are...  
I hope you laugh
and use your imagination to the fullest
and that you play. 
And dance like a chicken. Or a robot. Or anything else that makes you smile. 
I hope you look at things from a new perspective everyday. 
And that you take time to rest and be peaceful. 
May you dwell in the cheer of good company. 
And most of all, I wish you the joy of possibility. 
Love, Angel  

Love, Angel